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Outsourcing services providing you with business processes automation and innovative custom software.
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Your Business Deserves Custom Software
The workflow of every company is different. So instead of catering to the widest possible audience, your custom software will always have your business in mind. Having tools that no other company has can often result in a competitive edge. It’s something you own, can customize, upgrade, and change however you want. However, custom software is more expensive than off-the-shelf options. One method to benefit from both approaches is outsourcing your development. Digital Skynet already has over 50 completed projects helping businesses all over the world and you can join the ranks of our satisfied clients. You may need this service if:
  • You haven’t found suitable solutions for your business
  • There is a need for a scalable and upgradable enterprise system
  • You want to gain a competitive edge in your business sector
  • Control and ownership are crucial when it comes to your software
  • You are looking to take the next step toward digital transformation
Our expertise
  • MVP Development
  • Web Application Development
  • Progressive Web Application
  • Business Process Automation
  • Digital Tranformation Solutions
  • Project Support & Maintenance
  • Information Systems Integration
  • Legacy Code Optimization
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Our Development Process
  1. Pre-Development
    At this stage, we plan out our following cooperation, learn about your idea, and discuss the level of involvement you will have throughout the entire partnership process.
  2. Technical Specifications
    We gather all of the technical requirements along with desired features and functionality. This doesn’t mean they are set in stone, however. You can add new and adjust existing requirements at any time during the development process.
  3. Design
    We prototype your solution with a simple and user-friendly design. After we have a vision of what we want to achieve with the project, we continue on to the next step.
  4. Development
    The majority of code is written during this stage of development. This is when the tool becomes functional and your desired features are implemented.
  5. Quality Assurance
    The initial iteration of any software project is not perfect. That’s why we do rigorous testing to iron out all of the bugs and errors. By exploring even the most unlikely use scenarios we make sure that you won’t encounter any issues in the finished product.
  6. Deployment & Launch
    We deploy the app in a closed environment to make sure it functions well and prepare it for the final release. This is the stage at which you get the completed project.
  7. Support & Maintenance
    After your software is released, we continue to maintain it to make sure it serves you well for years to come. That way you can rest assured that whatever issue you may encounter will always be addressed and fixed.
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