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The Way To Ultimate Efficiency
Dedicated team implies dedication, however redundant it may sound. when integrating remote developers into your in-house team you want them to be just as invested into the success of your project. This is exactly what you get with Digital Skynet Corp. We have extensive experience working with companies from all corners of the world and a flexible workflow. You decide what cooperation model better suits you. By taking advantage of the time difference we can completely eliminate your downtime by working when you sleep. Free up your workload while also getting expert help without any long-term commitment. You may need this service if:
  • You have many projects running simultaneously
  • The output of your in-house team is not enough
  • You want to eliminate downtime by taking advantage of time zones
  • You struggle with deadlines
  • The in-house team lacks expertise with a particular technology
Our expertise
  • MVP Development
  • Web Application Development
  • Progressive Web Application
  • Business Process Automation
  • Digital Tranformation Solutions
  • Project Support & Maintenance
  • Information Systems Integration
  • Legacy Code Optimization
our cases
delta apparel

Development and maintenance the online store of sportswear

Delta Apparel is a retail and wholesale distributor and a manufacturer of casual and athletic apparel. Via the developed online store, you can order a wide variety of products from a selection of global sportswear and lifestyle brands. To facilitate that, Digital Skynet Corp created the digital infrastructure allowing Delta Apparel to easily manage all of the eCommerce nuances. Automation of operations such as order processing provides a better experience to both the customer and the vendor alike.

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Development of software for media and audiovisual marketing

Ready-to-use digital asset management software with audio and video playlist service for various business areas. The web application is designed for centralized management and broadcasting of advertisement, music, and video in retail chains, banks, cafes and restaurants, hotels, business and expo centers, car dealerships, gas stations, shopping centers, etc. The functionality is not affected by the quality and speed of the internet making sure you never hear any lag.

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beauty service

Custom CRM and ERP system development for spas and salons

Custom-made cloud service for business management and data analytics in the beauty industry. There are two payment options for different levels of access as well as a trial version. Managers can appoint bookings according to the customer records, manage the queue, sales, discounts, and salary of employees. The owner or the administrator of the salon can explore the history of each customer, and generate reports on current activities, as well as send out news and promotions to the clients.

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our dedicated team work stages
  1. Gathering Requirements
    To guarantee successful cooperation we first take in all the information we can. This includes the project requirements as well as job specifications and the team we’ll be working with. This way we can integrate seamlessly into your workflow and start helping right away.
  2. Team and Roadmap
    Based on the gathered specifications we allocate appropriate experts that fit your project best. Before starting work you can get to know them and their expertise and experience in more detail. After you approve them we plan out our partnership schedule.
  3. Starting out
    When integrating into the existing team, it is not enough to know the specifics of the project. Only by interacting closely with the people already working on the project our developers can get the full picture of the work ahead of them.
  4. Development Process
    During the partnership, you maintain full control. Our developers follow your workflow and adhere to your development methodologies. Having the entire team on the same page is essential to the development of a high-quality product.
  5. Finishing Up
    After the project is completed you can shift our developers to another one of your projects. It’s up to you. When the partnership ends we’ll always stay in touch if you need some maintenance or support after the fact.
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what we use for it
Frontend development


Programming language crucial to any dynamic user experience. Essential to any front-end project


Great multi-purpose, stable and feature-rich JavaScript framework that can handle high traffic


Versatile JavaScript framework that supports flexible design structures and dynamic processes


JavaScript framework that's perfect for building web-based and enterprise applications


Open-source framework with a wide variety of responsive CSS- and JS-based design patterns


Simple desktop-based JavaScript applications are the thing this technology does best


Efficient and dynamic tool that serves as a nice addition to other more complex frameworks


Content management system used for building websites with a plugin architecture and templates


Markup language responsible for structuring and presenting pretty much all web-based content


Style sheet language that is used to set up the presentation of a website or a web-based app


Expands the capabilities of JavaScript and is widely used in both the front- and back-end development


Extension of CSS that introduces new features and allows for faster creation of style sheets

Backend development


Versatile framework that enables use of JavaScript for back-end development outside of a web browser


PHP-based eCommerce development platform that covers everything an online store may need


High-level object-oriented programming language that has long been a staple of enterprise software

.NET Core

High-performance framework made for building modern cloud-enabled applications and services


All-purpose programming language used for software development, data science, automation and more


Handles the dynamic content, databases and other behind-the-scenes processes in web development


General-purpose programming language for building everything from enterprise tools to games


High-performance modern cloud and server-side application development language by Google


High-level general-purpose programming language for web development also used for data science


Cross-platform programming language that combines object-oriented and functional paradigms


Programming language crucial to any dynamic user experience. Isn't limited to front-end development


Expands the capabilities of JavaScript and is widely used in both the front- and back-end development

devOps & cloud


DevOps toolkit that allows applications to be packaged in containers for delivery and deployment


Container management system used for automation of various development processes


Microsoft product with DevOps capabilities that covers the entire app development lifecycle


An environment of various cloud computing services many of which are commonly used in DevOps


DevOps tool that automates app deployment, cloud provisioning and a variety of other IT tasks


Automation tool that enables continuous integration/continuous delivery and deployment (CI/CD)


Cloud-based platform for CI/CD pipelines and reduces the build time of applications

Google Cloud Platform

Enables cloud-based software delivery pipelines, deployment tools and other DevOps services



Open-source relational database management system that's quite simple despite its high performance


Reliable relational database management system with an extensive list of features and extensions


Cross-platform document-oriented database program that supports huge volumes of data and traffic


Multi-model database management system used for transaction processing and data warehousing


Data platform and data warehouse solution that can be faster and more efficient than alternatives

Microsoft SQL Server

Relational database management system that supports various business intelligence operations


Fast and memory-efficient data storage tool that is commonly used for application caches


Database management system that's often used for projects that don't require internet connection

Mobile Development


Software development kit used for creation of cross-platform applications with a single codebase


The most commonly used multi-paradigm programming language for Apple-developed platforms


Development tool for building platform-agnostic high-performance applications with singular codebase

React Native

Mobile adaptation of one of the most widely-used and versatile web development frameworks


Software development kit for building hybrid applications for all platforms with one shared codebase


Cross-platform programming language that combines object-oriented and functional paradigms


Mobile development framework that is used to create cross-platform apps via web technologies


Object-oriented programming language based on C used for building apps for iOS and OS X

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