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CRM-system for brokerage companies that provides services (input, editing, filling, and deleting data) on the status of the work of traders and brokers. The platform contains a list of leads, tracked contacts, and customer details. The history of interaction with the company is displayed as a visual list in descending chronological order. The system analyzes the number of contacts with the client (adding a new quote or note) for the last 30 days from the current date, and also notifies the user when a new contact is needed.

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We need to develop:

  • a database management system (CRM-system) and a special bot that responds to any changes and notifies brokers.
  • a system of mass e-mailing traders. 

All this can make it easier to work with a huge amount of data and streamlined the workflow.


  • To make life easier for brokers and automate their business processes.
  • To develop a unified system for the interaction of all participants in the processing of sales.
  • To improve the quality and speed of data exchange.


CRM-system has been created with a closed interface, which provides analysis of data on the status of the work of traders and brokers working with product sales in European markets. It creates, counts, and stores quotes.

What you get

of new quotes in the company chat

Operational data

analysis of the work of traders and brokers

Unified database

of data on sellers and buyers

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