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6 Things You Need to Know About Business Process Automation

April 03, 2019
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When we talk about automation, a lot of people still imagine robots or conveyor belts. The reality is much different. Most times you don’t even notice it even though automation is all around you. When you pay with a contactless credit card it’s automation, when you order pizza online that automation too and there are millions of other examples. Just like it makes our daily lives easier it also improves the nature of business as a whole. Let’s take a closer look.

What Is Business Process Automation?

An IT Glossary tells us that “Business Process Automation (BPA) is defined as the automation of complex business processes and functions beyond conventional data manipulation and record-keeping activities, usually through the use of advanced technologies. It focuses on “run the business” as opposed to “count the business” types of automation efforts and often deals with event-driven, mission-critical, core processes. BPA usually supports an enterprise’s knowledge workers in satisfying the needs of its many constituencies“.

In reality, BPA can take on various forms. Among them are robotic process automation (RPA), business process management (BPM), and full-on digital transformation. While having a similar goal, they approach it differently and with different scales of changes in mind. However, among the things they all have in common, there are business process automation tools. There is still a question though. What benefits and advantages do you get from it?

1. Huge Amount of Saved Time

If you are a business owner, there are different departments under your control. Your business takes all your free time and energy. Business Process Automation allows you to control your relationship with your customers, provide analytics in real-time, and manage resources and sales.

Just think about how much time you could save if you were to automate your business. You would be able to concentrate on developing a strategy, spending time with your family, or going to your favorite rock band's concert.

Business Process Automation helps avoid different employees doing the same job. Business processes become clear. You understand what you are paying your employees for.

You don’t spend a lot of time preparing reports.

Business Process Automation gives you the opportunity to work anywhere you want. You can drink coffee in Italy or enjoy the view of the Eiffel Tower and be sure that your business is running smoothly.

2. Long-Term Money Savings

After the integration of business process automation software, you use resources more efficiently. Accurate reports allow you to seek out opportunities to decrease your spendings in a particular area of your business.

Let’s take inventory management as an example. First of all, with BPA solutions you always know the exact number of everything you have. You won’t need to order an extra shipment of office chairs just to find out that you still have some in the box somewhere. This applies to raw materials and enterprise resources. And that’s just the money you save on inventory and materials.

There are other areas where BPA helps to save money. This includes everything from HR aids that help you hire the best candidates to chatbots that won’t miss any potential new clients.

3. Improvements to the Workflow Quality

Business process automation improves the workflow process, and quality improves as a result. How exactly does this happen?

First, employees have less paperwork to go through. They can avoid routine tasks such as manual data entry and sorting, and can instead perform higher-level operations. Your employees will be happy!

Second, the chances of human error decrease. No matter how talented your employees are, they are still people who get tired, sick or just forget things. Thanks to business process automation tools, complex calculations and analytics are done for them. Business intelligence software helps you make more informed decisions, which further lowers the chances of your company going in the red.

Third, your staff becomes more flexible, so it’s easier to make operational changes. You can respond quickly to constantly shifting customer desires, for example. You can introduce new policies such as occasional work from home. Cloud-based solutions ranging from the accessible Google Docs to complex custom ERPs help you facilitate that. You can also optimize the individual processes of your teams over time, so everyone works at peak efficiency.

4. More Satisfied Customers

Customer satisfaction is one of the main goals of any business. If you make all of your internal processes easier, you can focus more on the customer’s problems and offer the best solutions. Some of the automated business processes can be used by your clients as well. One such example is booking appointments and scheduling meetings.

In addition, if the departments of your company are in separate locations, you may encounter some trouble with your day-to-day workflows. Getting a piece of paper from one office to another takes up the valuable time of your client and increases customer service time. Business process automation doesn’t let that happen while also improving the transparency of workflows between teams and departments.

Customers are more likely to enjoy purchasing from companies that provide quick and easy service. When you use automation in business, your order processing speed increases. This is especially crucial in eCommerce spheres of business.

5. Investment in the Future

Aside from all the ways BPA helps you save money, there is also a matter of investment. Sure, the implementation of business process automation software can be costly. Savings described in the second paragraph aren’t always enough to justify it. Try looking at it from another angle.

While your company is still small in size it’s easy to keep track of everything. You know exactly how much product you have in stock, what tasks each employee performs and so on. Now think about your goals in 5 years. Now 10 years. What about 25? The more you grow as an organization the more different tasks you have as a leader. Sooner or later, there just won’t be enough brain capacity to process all of the intricacies that go into the operation of a business. By investing early on you guarantee your scalability for years to come.

6. Business Growth

Business process automation can easily be considered a secret weapon for your business. It is a way for you to kickstart and facilitate perpetual growth. BPA solutions reduce risks by offering smart data analytics and aid in the achievement of great results.

If you want to get all of the benefits mentioned above and establish yourself in a new leading market position, you'll need to choose the right software development vendor.

They should be professionals who will take into account the specifics of your business. That’s the only way they can accurately analyze your processes and suggest which ones make the most sense to automate.

Experience and the focus on long-term cooperation also goes a long way. You need to look for people who are passionate not only about technology but also about business development.

Remember, business process automation is when you stop planning and start acting.

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