Reasons to work with Russians software development companies

<p>Have you ever heard the phrase “Russians never give up”? This is about the Russian mentality and attitude to difficulties.</p>

13 / 06 / 19

Have you ever heard the phrase “Russians never give up”? This is about the Russian mentality and attitude to difficulties. So, “if you want to solve a programming problem, pass it to American programmers. If you want to solve a hard programming problem, pass it to Chinese programmers. If you want to solve an impossible programming problem, pass it to Russian programmers!”.

There are a lot of reasons why you should invest your money in a Russian outsourcing company. It's no secret that Russian developers are among the best in the world. Why?

Education & Skills

Russia has a great software-educated talent pool. Russian developers have excellent quality. There are many universities in Russia where students receive degrees in computer science and engineering. More than once the Russian guys became the winners of the international programming competitions.

In addition, Russian developers have advanced hard and soft skills. They know many technologies, programming languages, libraries, and the best programming practices and methodologies. That's why the development industry is so valuable and software developers are popular.

Russian developers also have good communication skills and can work with an international team. Russian guys can think outside the box and are not afraid of difficult tasks. On the contrary, difficult tasks arouse their interest and desire to win.

With a strong educational background and communication skills, Russian developers can be a valuable addition to your in-house team.


Time Zone

Russians teams have experience of working with clients from the USA and Europe, so they know how to build a workflow with people from different time zones. They do not miss meetings, and they are available during your working hours. You can get in touch with the outsourced developer team with no impact on your own working schedule.


If we compare rates in Russia and other countries such as the Philippines and India, we see a big difference between the price and quality of the final product. You will definitely feel the difference between the code quality of Russian developers and others.

Choose the right IT outsourcing company with transparent business processes, and you will clearly see what makes up the price.

Experienced developers know how to select the optimal combination of cost and functionality. They also know which technologies are better suited for each specific project.

Developers from Russia are paid from $25 to $70 per hour. Rates in Russia are half of those in America and the quality is at the same high level.

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Average hourly rate by region


You should not be afraid of problems with communication. As we said before, Russian developers have good communication skills. They may have a Russian accent when they speak but have excellent writing and reading skills. Your development partner should understand your business processes and suggest comfortable interaction options. Many Russian outsourcing companies work according to Agile methodology. This allows you to control the development process and make changes.

Moreover, many Russian IT companies provide full-stack development and quality assurance, therefore the one company provides the whole life-cycle development. This company becomes your reliable outsourcing partner.

A lot of Russian companies have clients that are leaders in their industries with recognized brands. Outsourcing software development supports a company’s profitability. You have a chance to work with some of the best programmers in the world.