Digital Skynet - Digital Skynet in the Top 10 .NET Developer Companies of TrustFirms

Digital Skynet in the Top 10 .NET Developer Companies of TrustFirms

December 10, 2019

Businesses of all sizes need software. Often the ready-made solutions available on the market aren’t enough. That’s why custom software development is an industry that grows with each year. A 33% annual growth rate amounting to more than $136 billion (according to Forrester) is no mean feat. Digital Skynet is a company that helps businesses reach new heights and be successful. We are happy to announce that we are in the top 10 .NET developer companies according to TrustFirms.

To provide our clients with full lifecycle development we have several technology stacks in our arsenal. However, our proficiency in .NET remains our main expertise. We offer multiple stages from pre-development and design to testing and maintenance. With our focus on long-term partnership and complex projects, this framework was an easy choice. It provides tools for every stage we discussed.

A common question we receive is why we chose .NET when there are other more popular platforms. As we mentioned, this framework has all of the tools for all stages of software development life cycle. It’s perfect for enterprise software because it easily supports scalability and growth due to object-oriented programming approach. The reliability is another major benefit of .NET. Ever since its release in 2002, it has improved in terms of both usability and security. The later one is guaranteed by many safeguards such as code access security (CAS), and validation and verification. It also has excellent cross-language support across C#, C++, Python, Ruby and many more.

Digital Skynet is always ready to provide the .NET expertise to help give our clients the best possible end product that will meet and exceed all requirements. We offer web, desktop, mobile, and cross-platform development as well as a dedicated team. With more than 50 complete projects over 15 business areas we know how to efficiently improve business processes of any enterprise. We are happy to be recognized as one of the top 10 companies in our field.