Business Process Automation: Where to Begin

November 01, 2019
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It’s clear to see why business process automation (BPA) can seem like a massive undertaking. For beginners, it’s overwhelming and unclear where to start. But the benefits outweigh all of the possible drawbacks. If integrated successfully it can optimize and streamline your workflow, making you and your staff more productive and efficient. In fact, we have quite a bit of experience in that area. You can check out our portfolio to see what processes we have automated already.

Analyze Your Workflow

Before you start automating you should understand what is business process automation and what elements exactly do you have in your workflow. Gather all possible information on them. Talk to your employees and see what actions do they perform on a regular basis. Make a comprehensive map that you can follow.

After you have done that, research these operations. Read some articles covering each one of them and determine whether or not they can be transformed effectively. In most cases, you won’t be able to replace all of them with software solutions, but almost always there are at least some. Focus on those.

Don’t undervalue the input of your staff. Have a conversation with them. Ask what they find to be the most laborious or boring part of their day. Maybe there is something they wish would be more streamlined and take up less of their time. You don’t want to overhaul someone’s established routine without them knowing. It will lead only to the loss of productivity. Always be in touch with your employees when you want to modify their workflow.

Even if you haven’t found anything that can be solved by BPA during these conversations, you can still use that information. It shows where your organizations can do better. That is a good indicator that will illustrate areas in need of improvement. Also, your staff will feel more valued which is always a bonus.

Here are some factors that signal the relevance of business process automation solutions for your company:

  • High volume of tasks
  • Multiple people responsible for the same task
  • Simple tasks take up more time than necessary
  • Long chains of processes that require each other to function
  • Perpetual need for compliance

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Prepare for Change

After you have analyzed the business processes and detected the bottlenecks understand that you may need to rework your entire workflow from the ground up. Not everyone is ready to disrupt their work to such a degree. It is not always needed by default but it’s something that may be necessary. One thing is certain, the routine will have to be disrupted.

Convey that information to your employees. Make sure they understand the situation and are prepared to adjust their workflows. After all, it’s not the strongest who survive, but those who can better adapt to changes. Always remain flexible.

To do that you can utilize one of the current trends in the area of business automation technologies is low code platforms. They allow for quick integration with no extra knowledge of programming needed. It features accessible mechanics and design so that it can be easily adopted without any special training.

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You can always book a free consultation to learn more about BPA.

The Snowball Effect

The success of implementation largely lays upon the shoulders of your staff. There’s not much point in new business process automation software if your employees aren’t using it. If that’s the case you won’t get the benefits you expect. The early success of the implementation build confidence in the practice as a whole. This ideal result is always the optimization of the workflow and higher productivity. The successful realization of BPA has a snowball effect. All you need to do is set it in motion. Just like when you automate your tests, CI/CD is often the next step.

That’s why you have to choose carefully what you want to automate first. There should be a noticeable effect that will benefit as many members of your staff as possible. That way they will be behind any new changes of similar nature. Make sure your first practice is a success by choosing something relatively simple, but don’t be afraid of roadblocks and adjustments. Once everyone sees the result the snowball is already in motion.

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After you have successfully streamlined multiple business processes you will find yourself with more time to dedicate to other matters. To maximize your productivity you must find new tasks for your staff to do. Sure, in the perfect world everything is automated and the only thing that is needed from humans is monitoring and collecting paychecks. But we are not there yet. 

Train your staff to utilize the time they have freed up correctly. Make sure that they remain productive with new tasks. Depending on the position they may require innovation, creative thinking, communication or other qualities that cannot be replaced by a machine. 

With the benefits business process automation can bring, there is only one thing stopping you from reaping them. You have made the first step by clicking on this article, so get that snowball rolling. Follow the described steps to reach maximum efficiency in your organization.